Understand Quran by 5 Golden Rules

In no time, you can understand the meaning of the Quranic words, Phrase and eventually the Verse. May Allah SWT guide us.

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Believe the certainty

Verse 54.17 narrates, Quran is made easy for us. Let's believe the certainty of the verse. What you believe that becomes your destiny!


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This website is mainly for those who know how to read the Holy Quran but do not understand the meaning of it.

Stress-free learning process

QuranMadeEasy.com is designed with everyone’s busy schedule in mind. There is nothing to memorize. One can go deep into the Quran with fully aided multi-tab panel. Understand first memorize later.

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Main study Objectives

Following are the part of total learning process:.







The best stories are told from start to finish. Learn module by module.


Meet Getting Ready Modeule. This module will prepare you for the journey ahead.


First sura is Sura Ikhlass. One sura - one module. Understanding Quranic words, one sura at a time.


As we move forward, we are enriched with Grammar Reserve. It will help suras that are coming ahead.


Our prayer to God, as we progress through each sura, bless us with spiritual enlightment.

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Main features

Word Categories
Golden Rules
Grammar Reserve
Importance of Salwat

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Learn step by step and go deep into the understanding of the Holy Quran.

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Understand how QuranMadeEasy works as a platform. The Demo presents 19 features. This will give you overall understanding of the website.

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Watch the videos tutorials. Then, complete quizzes to reinforce what you learned immediately. Repeat this with every new sura.

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This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun. [2.2]